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  • 爱立信(中国)有限公司人力资源与文化部人力资源经理
  • I had different choices for EMBA program. I am glad that I have made the right choice - UTA EMBA. I like the emphasis on the teamwork spirit and approach. Classmates are eagle to share and help each other. I have shared my human resources management experience at the Strategic Human Resources Management course. All the time we bring business practice to the classroom. Our EMBA experience combines textbook knowledge with real-life practices to give you the competitive edge necessary to make it in today\\\\\\\'s and tomorrow\\\\\\\'s complex business world.
  • EMBA - LI Min
    LI Min
  • 长春西博汽车塑料技术有限公司总经理
  • As the general Manager at a multinational company, especially with the operational experience of more than ten years in China, the UTA EMBA can help me more on the total understanding and application of multinational business operation theoretically in the very formal and more professional ways. Furthermore, through the communication with professors and classmates, I can even achieve more on the proper solution of daily operation and excellent solution models in China. Especially, for the daily operation of companies with the manufacturing background, the courses of the UTA EMBA really can give more help and guidance on the strategy and decision making, corporate finance evaluation and daily operation formulation.
  • EMBA - WEI Wen
    WEI Wen
  • 中国五矿集团五矿钢铁有限责任公司总经理
  • I was looking for and EMBA program that could help me to develop a top management prospective after I became the top management of the billion dollar international trading company. The UTA EMBA program, with its international prospective, world class faculty and stimulating learning environment, did provide me knowledge and ways of thinking to make effective decisions in a global business environment. The program was meaningful, interesting and refreshing.
  • EMBA - XU Qiang
    XU Qiang
  • 北京蓝钢医疗器械有限公司总经理
  • When my own company grows bigger and bigger, I am facing more and more management challenges. Despite the fact that I had been working for Pfizer as a sales manager for many years and I am running a successful business, I realized that I need to learn more about management, particularly the financial knowledge. The UTA EMBA program has allowed me understand how to allocate costs to specific products and evaluate profitability. This greatly improved my financial savvy so that I could see how we could become more profitable.
  • EMBA - GU Qinglan
    GU Qinglan
  • 松下电器(中国)有限公司系统工程营业所副所长
  • Both UTA professors and local tutors are well prepared. Carefully selected cases and the involving way of teaching make you to be focused on the classes. I have shared my experience in Japanese companies with my classmates from U.S. and European companies. It is interesting to see the differences in corporate culture, ways of thinking and approaches. The flexibility of the program allowed me to pay extra attention to my specific areas of interest. I believe UTA EMBA is a power engine to boost the career development of middle career managers.
  • EMBA - DAI Jun
    DAI Jun
  • 住友生命保险公司驻华首席代表
  • I am very pleased with my experience at UTA EMBA. The program helped me get a much deeper insight into the whole field of management and will help me strengthen the management skills. I had enormous exposure to the management practice particularly in American companies, from the discussion with professors and classmates. Further, the flexible schedule (one can take the same course at another location and another time) and friendly, supportive staff made this an exceptional educational experience.
  • EMBA - Matsumoto Akihiro
    Matsumoto Akihiro
  • 美国BJ服务公司高级全球客户经理
  • As an expatriate taking care of businesses in Grater China as well as Southeast Asia, I have to spend half of my time in Singapore and Indonesia. I have a very tight schedule without adding the rigorous demand of EMBA study. The high quality of the program proves that all my efforts are worthwhile. The program helped me to open my mind and extend my capabilities. The last course, Management of International Operations, is particularly useful for my day-to-day management responsibility in an international environment.
  • EMBA - GUO Jiuhong
    GUO Jiuhong
  • SAP北京北方区销售经理
  • It\\\\\\\'s such a fun time sitting in the classroom with world-renowned professors and wonderful classmates. The parties are the same enjoyable, I still recall our first party and I was Honored to be the host. I totally enjoyed the great time spent together with my peers in discussions in the classroom, debating in the lounge, toasting in the bar and golfing in the driving range. Being the only U.S. EMBA program collaboration simultaneously with three prominent universities in China, UTA\\\\\\\'s alumni network in China is expanding very rapidly. Many of them can be my business partners and lifetime friends.
  • EMBA - LIU Quan
    LIU Quan
  • 中国农业银行银行卡部营运处
  • The UTA EMBA provided more than just raw theory. The quantity and depth of the coursework challenges students to stretch their abilities and distinguish the important facts and information from noise. The team work and intensive discussion with elites from various discipllines adds value immediately because my current position always requires me to achieve quick understanding on the ever changing market environment and innovative ways of businesses.
  • EMBA - ZHAI Aidong
    ZHAI Aidong
  • 北京东方广场有限公司东方经贸城租务经理
  • It took me more than one year to make up my mind of participating the program. Now I believe that I have made the right decision and choice. The program exposed me to many other well-seasoned professionals in different industries. The UTA EMBA will be a power tool for my career development. The program will fully prepare me for the demands of an ever-changing global marketplace by going beyond the facts and figures of the average business curriculum. When I finish my work in Beijing and go back to Hong Kong, I will bring with me not only the business experience but also knowledge and skills I have learned from the UTA EMBA program.
  • EMBA - LEUNG Charlotte
    LEUNG Charlotte
  • AT&T中国公司国际通信中国区总监
  • In researching the various EMBA programs available, I discovered UTA EMBA program is of very high quality and best value. I needed a well-balanced and concentrated curriculum that could bring me the latest developments and know-how in global business issues and at the same time accommodate my busy schedule. UTA\\\\\\\'s well-designed EMBA program fits perfectly my requirements.
  • EMBA - WANG Xiao
    WANG Xiao
  • 银河证券网上交易中心主任
  • People in my role must be equally comfortable dealing with technology, business as well ad management issues. UTA\\\\\\\'s has the top faculty in Information Management. Its finance and international management faculties are from industry. These professors draw from real-life experience and share their practice skills and industry contacts with students. The perfect mix between theory and classroom discussion created the fascinating learning environment. Attending such a high caliber program while remaining in a job I enjoyed was a very fortunate opportunity.
  • EMBA - ZHANG Wei
    ZHANG Wei
  • 可口可乐中国有限公司公益事业部副总监
  • I chose UTA EMBA because I wanted to be with experienced peers with similar backgrounds. My UTA classmates were managers from other leading multinationals such as IBM, Shell, AT&T, Honeywell, McDonalds, Lucent and Philip Morris. Sharing with them our real-world business solutions if fascinating learning experience. I would be able to apply their varied experiences to my situation.
  • EMBA - FANG Jiaxi
    FANG Jiaxi
  • IBM全球服务部信息系统服务部服务业务经理
  • Trained as an engineer, I was looking for an EMBA program after management became most of my day-to-day responsibilities. At UTA EMBA, we not only have world-class faculties, but also amazing classmates. Very diversified backgrounds plus teamwork emphasis make the study most efficient - we learn from professors, tutors and last but not least--peers. Our learning team created an environment that was full of excitement and laughter. This helped us establish friendships that will last far beyond our one and half years studying period.
  • EMBA - HE Xinqian
    HE Xinqian
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